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        Welcome: BeiJing LingTong Electronics Co.,Ltd.
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        ABOUT US

        ABOUT US

        LingTong electronics company is specialized in design, development and production of a full range of solid state relays, voltage regulator module enterprises. Our company set up 30 years, in accordance with the spirit of continuous innovation, has developed and produced 8 major categories, more than 300 specifications of products, so that our company has become a domestic industry with a wide range of products, technology leading manufacturers. As a kind of high reliability contactless automatic control switch, solid state relay produced by our co...



        CONTACT US

        Contact: Ms. Ren

        Phone: 0086-13581598815

        Tel: 0086(10)82665408/9轉19

        Email: sales@lt-dz.com

        Add: BaiFu Cun, MaChiKou Zhen, ChangPing District, BeiJing, China

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